Good Vibrations: The Positive Ripple Of Sex Toys On Your Life

Good Vibrations: The Positive Ripple Of Sex Toys On Your Life

From the moment we are born, humans develop a strong affinity with their toys. As children we have our favourite teddy, or a special blanket. When we get older we think our relationship with toys ends. In reality, as we grow up we continue to forge these supportive bonds with inanimate objects. The only difference being the switch from PG 13 type toys to things a little more R rated. There can be a lot of stigma surrounding adult toys. While we continue to unlearn these misconceptions, more and more people are finding the positive effects a sex toy can have on their lives, inside and out of the bedroom. If you’ve been browsing bondage toys online or looking for the perfect vibrator but never followed through, we’re about to change your mind for good. Here’s how sex toys are going to change your life with a ripple from your head to your toes.

More sex toys usually means more masturbation and more masturbation means more orgasms. We probably don’t need to try too hard in telling you you should have more orgasms but we can explain a bit more on why they’re so great.

Ever had sex or orgasmed and felt like you could instantly fall asleep then and there? Your sex toy might just be better for you than a sleeping pill. The health benefits of getting more sleep are widely known. Masturbating and reaching a climax with the help of your favourite toy will trigger your brain to release a certain set of chemicals, including oxytocin that relax your entire body and can even have sedative effects. So the more you play with your toys of an evening the more sleep you’ll be getting, giving your body more time to restore and repair, helping you focus and have more energy during your days.

Stress is a pretty unavoidable part of life but sometimes it can get the better of us. One great way to manage your stress levels is masturbation. If your favourite toy is hitting all the right places, it’s again, triggering your brain to release those chemicals, sending serotonin through your body. Serotonin helps the brain regulate stress and anxiety levels, making you feel relaxed, happy, and warm all over.

The benefits of sex toys don’t just belong to those who are single and facilitating their own nightly orgasms. Sex toys can also do wonders for improving couples relationships. There’s a common misconception that bringing a toy into the mix signifies your partner is lacking in some way. This is not the case at all. If anything, we like to think of it as a more the merrier situation. You could give me the best tasting ice cream in the world, but sprinkles on top would still make it that little bit sweeter.

Sex toys have helped couples communicate and open up to each other. Both partners being able to reach climax and feel satisfied in a relationship is crucial in keeping both parties happy, connected, and balanced. If this hasn’t always been possible, trying adult sex toys could make it so.

When it comes to picking the right toy we know it can be overwhelming. There’s endless types, attachments, mechanisms, colours, uses, kinks, and more. If you’re at the beginning of your journey with toys it’s important not to jump into things just because you feel like you should or because someone else prefers one thing over another. If you have fantasies and interests that you haven’t ever explored, this is the perfect time to do so too. Exploring your sexuality, fantasies, and any kinks with toys in the safety of your own home and company (at first if you like) is a great and safe way to become more in tune with your sexual desires and energy. The more you’re able to do this the less stress or anxiety you’ll put on yourself in the bedroom.

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