How To Make Valentine’s Your B!tch This Year

How To Make Valentine’s Your B!tch This Year

Every year on the 14th of feb, the cupids of the world come out of hiding behind their everyday routines and busy lives, and shoot those arrows around for one glorious day. If you’re loved up with a partner, it’s the perfect day to indulge in each other. If you’re single this year, it could be the day to go out and ask that special someone out, or a day for total self lovin. If the big day has come around too quick and you haven’t had a chance to plan anything romantic, we’ve got you covered. These are our favourite ways to spend Valentine’s no matter who it’s with.


We know now that there isn’t a damn thing wrong with being single, especially on Valentine’s day! Single men and women, rejoice! Here’s a day you can sit back and enjoy all that freedom. Spend your V-Day alone and do all your favourite things. Send yourself a new toy as a gift and schedule in some much deserved self love. 

If the love bug has really bitten you hard this V-Day and you’ve satisfied your self lovin’ for the week, schedule a Valentine’s Day date. Ask that special someone you’ve had your eye on out for a coffee, dinner, or a drink. After all, there’s no better day for two singles to come together.


Not that you needed an excuse to feel the love, indulge in some PDA, or get out the rose petals and run a bath. But here it is, your day to unapologetically love on your partner. If you’re not too fond of the holiday itself that's all the more reason to stay home and get nice and cosy together. If it is your thing, treat yourselves to a nice dinner, get dressed up, go out, exchange exciting gifts you can enjoy together and see where the night takes you! Whether it’s gift shop or G spot, enjoy your loved one’s company this V-Day.


More and more we’re seeing people, no matter their relationship status, gender, or sexuality, celebrating Galentine’s day. Galentine’s was first seen in the TV series Parks & Recreation, where the female characters attend breakfast together on the 13th of Feb a day ahead of the real Valentine’s day to celebrate their love for eachother. Since then Galentine’s has become tradition amongst more and more circles of friends. A day or event where friends have the chance to share the love. Whether it’s food, drinks, games, or an outing, don’t forget to tell your friends just how much you love them too this V(or G)- Day!

However you spend this Valentine’s day, whether you’re super into it and go all out, or not really one to celebrate, try something new this year. Take a little bit of time to treat you, your friends, or your partner, to a little extra lovin.

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