National Masturbation Month

As the Masturbation May festivities roll on, we are focusing today’s lens onto one particularly hot lane of the action. Let us talk mutual masturbation!
Perhaps you have heard of it, or are already an ace practitioner yourself, but either way it is worth exploring. So, let us begin with this rousing roundup of blogs and podcasts all about it.
Ever wondered if your masturbation habits are holding you back? They might be.
What is your masturbation “rut” or “crutch”?
You know...your “go-to” or sure-fire, trusty rusty way of getting off?
We all tend to have them.... the specific type of porn clip or fantasy that we relive.
Today we learn how to break the limiting ones, and embrace bringing more pleasure and exploration into our solo sex lives.

There is nothing wrong with having a reliable masturbation habit. However, it can limit your ability to expand and experience even more pleasure.
In this time-driven society, it is so tempting to go straight for the goal line when we masturbate. After all, there are bills to pay, chores to do, gym workouts to squeeze in, and demands of our jobs. Maybe it is using the same vibrator in the same spot without any hoopla. Or touching yourself in the same way as clockwork, without any excitement or suspense.
We should celebrate the ways we have learned to give ourselves the pleasure we want and deserve. However, if we always drive down the same path to orgasm during masturbation, there is a potential for us to create a deep rut that can be increasingly more difficult to get out of when
we want to expand and explore more diverse paths of pleasure.
That is why I am suggesting you break free from your ‘same old-same old’ way of masturbating
and open yourself up to even more pleasure. You do not have anything to lose and you can still
go back to your old way of doing it at any time.

First, let us honour the rituals we already have (even if we do not recognize them as such). I have
a friend who masturbates in the shower at the gym every day. He says it is his favourite part of
the day. Prioritizing pleasure is something to celebrate and honour.
If you have a masturbation ritual (and maybe you did not even realize you had one), go deeper
into it – and, keep it if you want. No sense throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I would
suggest you get even more intentional in your masturbation rituals by setting aside even just a
little more time for them. Bring in some mindfulness, and make them a priority.
So now that we have honoured our rituals, let us try to incorporate some “improv” into your masturbation time. “Improv” means “improvisation,” which essentially means without previous preparation. Change up the routine, try new techniques and toys, and even go “random” with your fantasies or porn-watching.

For example, if you usually go to the same porn or same fantasy, try a new search term or phrase
or a new kink to daydream about. Try sexting with a new dating app match to get you going and
fantasize about what you would do with this new partner. If you are into group play, throw in
some fantasies about a threesome or foursome.
To get out of a masturbation rut, try changing the time of day and the place you usually
masturbate. Do not just masturbate in your bedroom – shake things up and go masturbate on
the living room couch or lay on the kitchen floor. Do not just wear the same old sweats either.
Make it special and try some sexy lingerie or new underwear.
Create a sexier vibe by using candles or soft lighting. Take your masturbation to the next level by
setting aside time on vacation or if you are on a work trip, really take advantage of your hotel
room by staying in and ordering room service so that you have more time to indulge.

If you usually masturbate alone, try mutual masturbation. It is a great way to open yourself up
and it can make you more aware of how you have been masturbating. You can even notice things
that had become “rote” or the “norm”. Plus, you may learn something new about how your
partner enjoys pleasuring themselves.

I have to admit I am quite attached to my a fault. It’s like my security blanket and frankly, I have to own up to overusing it while I was on a much needed “dry spell” from partnered sex. Heck, it feels so good and works so well. But I realized that it was my masturbation “crutch.” I set out to use stimulation with my fingers and really take my time. I learned that I was rushing to orgasm while using my vibrator and it became a bad habit. I was missing a whole host of
pleasurable sensations and yummy foreplay with myself.

One suggestion I would offer is for you if you are attached to a toy is to switch to a new one or a
different one. If you are used to clit stimulation, try switching over to a g-spot vibrator. We
love We Vibe and they have an array of different vibrators to change things up in your bedroom
For pleasure that is pin-pointed, there’s a new toy on the market called Zumio. Rather than
vibrate, its tip whirls around in tiny circles. You can use it on the labia, nipples, penis, or any
other erogenous zones...
If you are used to toys, maybe go without them for a while and see what happens. Your hands
can be very handy!

Finally, the best way to get out of a masturbation “rut” or to avoid overusing a masturbation
“crutch” is to really pull away from a myopic focus on reaching orgasm. In fact, at least
occasionally, tell yourself that you are not allowed to orgasm.
Orgasm denial is a great way to have solo sex that is hot, intentional, and a break from the norm.
You could even edge yourself (bring yourself close to orgasm and then back off). Either way, you
are setting the stage for a better orgasm down the road and a chance to become better
acquainted with your pleasure.


If you incorporate these tips, you can easily break limiting masturbation habits,

and explore playing with yourself in fun new ways!

Cited by Emily Anne.
June 02, 2020 — Brown Sugar Industries Admin