Scandall Ball Gag - Black/Red Mouth Restraint



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Tie the gorgeous red-and-black fabric behind your lovers neck and delight in the sight and sound of their moans as they test the strength of the straps. The attractive straps are double-padded for luxurious comfort and double-stitched to hold the ball gag firmly against those silenced lips. The ball is made of odor- and taste-free silicone on which its safe to desperately, longingly suck for long periods of time: And your lover will be so wracked with naughty pleasure, they wont want to let it go. This ball gag is a classic piece with a luxury, high quality, and one-of-a-kind designer twist. The sturdy silicone ball gag measures 1.75 inches in diameter and is the perfect size to fit firmly inside your lovers mouth. Youll hear their moans, but their words will be a mysteryso lose yourself in fantasies of what theyre craving, thinking, and longing for as you explore every inch of their body and bring both of you to explosive, sweet release. This fetish-friendly toy is a sure way to spice up your play and ignite the senses. Without their voice, your lover will be forced to communicate with their fingers on your skin and their stifled moans in your ear. Learn each others bodies, sounds, and sensations all over again in a whole new way. - Colour: Multi-coloured - Materials: Silicone, Polyester - Features: Phthalate Free - Allergens: N/A - Measurements: 139.75cm (Straps Circumference), 4.5cm (Ball Diameter) - Spec Weight: Bulk: 0.09(kg) | Package: 0.12(kg) - Package: 3.75 x 11.5 x 26(cm)